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Barbara Palacios

Miss Universe, Publicist, Author, TV Personality, Entrepreneur
Barbara Palacios - Wow Event Miami

Barbara Palacios

Miss Universe, Publicist, Author, TV Personality, Entrepreneur
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After being crowned Miss Universe in 1986, Barbara embarked on a rewarding business journey as a television personality and commercial spokesperson for products and international companies all around the world. At the same time, she has built a successful business career.

Barbara has built her name and credibility, not only through the Hispanic Community, but Internationally as well, becoming an inspirational role model for human development.

Her literary works: “The Beauty of Knowing How To Live” and “Far from my Shadow, Close to the Light”, have enjoyed significant success and taken her around the world as an international speaker and bearer of faith and personal growth messages. This success has generated a great number of followers and fans from different countries, who daily seek the path to a better quality of life through her unique inspirational advice.

Barbara is currently the founder and president of “INSPIRA, A More Beautiful Life”, a new company specialized in the development, production and commercialization of natural beauty and personal care products through direct sales.

On the private side, Barbara Palacios enjoys a peaceful family life, which she happily shares with her husband and their two children.

While balancing her personal and professional life, Barbara carries her message worldwide. It is a message that evokes an inspiring model, with a vital force, that continues to write her personal history; A story full of challenges, but also sustained personal growth as a integral human being.

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