Women Of the World 2015

Getting Down to Business

Getting Down to Business

Small group coaching sessions to see beyond past disappointments and set goals that will define future successes.

The Magic Carpet

Having a positive – yet realistic view of one’s abilities, goals, and responsibilities can open up untapped possibilities. Go on a mental ride to visualize your full potential and unleash your inner powerhouse.


Live Life on Your Terms

Boycott balance and start living life on your terms! Learn how to stop living a life of guilt, self-doubt and fear. Be inspired to start living with confidence, perspective and gratitude.


Good Manners Means Good Business

Miami is known for power lunches and networking in some iconic spots. Learn how to wine and dine your clients as part of good business practices. Learn how to close a deal over a lunch to become a mover and a shaker.


The Chemistry of Optimum Success
Learn how to demand results or deliver difficult feedback in a positive way to employees, colleagues, and in all relationships for desired results. Harness the chemistry of optimum success through what you think and say.

Do More of What Makes You Happy!

Learn how to become the happiest and best version of yourself! Be inspired to make life-long changes in mind, body and spirit to achieve your goals. Sometimes you’ll need to say no and that’s ok too!